Andria Schultz is the CEO/Founder of Network Smart where she is interviewing Celebrities, executives, and professionals behind the scenes teaching Millennials how to get into the Entertainment Industry. She has worked for the following Television shows:Your Family Matters, America’s Funniest Home Videos, The Real Daytime, and Disney Channel’s: Bizaardvark. Being a woman in the Entertainment Industry has been one of the most challenging adventures she’s ever encountered, but it has made her who she is today. Andria’s goal is to inspire people of all ages to go for their dreams and not be afraid of rejection.

Andria is the Co-Author of a #1 best seller on Amazon called Passionista’s: Tales, Tips, & Tweetables, which has been featured on Huffington Post. She was recently interviewed on the Women of Influence Podcast with host Erika De La Cruz & She has recently been on SUE Talk where she talked about how she utilized her Confidence to get into the Entertainment Industry.

“Honestly? I love watching the process of someone grow that I’ve helped influence. I get my energy from people’s positive energy, passion, and being surrounded by like-minded individuals. I want people to feel like they can go after their dreams no matter what struggle they may endure achieving it. There are no limits to dreaming, creating, and pursuing what your heart desires.” – Andria Schultz